[Script] Touchscreen Extension for Aseprite


Touchscreen Extension for Aseprite

Touchscreen Extension is a useful script for the Aseprite Software. It gives helpful shortcuts for PC Tablet owners. (Surface, Surface Book, Surface Go)

  • 14 Buttons - Easy access shortcuts.
  • Zoom Slider.
  • 5 Colors Shades (Greyscale, Hue, Saturation, and Lightness).
  • Accessible buttons for Saving, Loading, or exporting.


From Itch.io


  1. Decompress " Touchscreen-Extension-for-Aseprite.zip " .
  2. Move “Touchscreen-Extension-for-Aseprite” folder to Aseprite’s script folder.
  3. If you don’t know you script folder go to : Aseprite.org tutorial “Locate user script folder”

Special Thank to:
Aseprite Software and giving us the possibility to create a script. Please buy their software! The color shades section is based on the excellent script of Dominick John, who authorized me to use it. Thank you and also David Capello, who contributed to the extension. Special thanks to thkwznkfor the help and the tips!