Shortcut/Tool to select layer under cursor using visible pixels

This is a reboot of Right click pixel to find layer in the Features category, this time. Said thread mentioned Ctrl+Drag to move layer under cursor, but:

  • it requires some moving
  • on my computer, it didn’t even work and moved the selected layer even if there was no visible pixel under the cursor

We could have a tool or shortcut/modifier to hold to actually select the layer with a pixel visible under the cursor (e.g. on Krita, you hold R and click, but it has the side effect or selecting the Reference tool, apparently).

When there are alpha pixels, there may be multiple pixels overlapping. In this case, we may pick the top layer among them, or cycle through all layers with a partially visible pixel when clicking repeatedly on that pixel with the modifier.

Note that Alt+Click is used by some Linux desktops to move the window, so I wouldn’t recommend that (in fact, it’s already used for Quick Eye Dropper, which I myself remapped to Ctrl). Ideally the shortcut/modifier would be customizable.