Right click pixel to find layer

If you are a messy worker like me, you sometimes have a lot of unnamed layers. A cool feature would be to locate the layer by right clicking on the pixel (as in PS) or something to that effect.

This feature already exists in Aseprite, if you hold the Control/Command button and click on a pixel it will switch the active layer to the one that has this pixel.

This works with any tool except for selection tools (Marquee, Wand, Lasso etc).


there’s also option in edit → preferences → editor to set right-click to “select layer and move”


I have been making use of this substantially --the control-click version anyway-- since I read about it here but have often been unable to control-click-activate a layer WITHOUT moving it, as I am typically doing that with a tablet pen rather than a mouse and am often not zoomed in, which limits how effective it is for me. It can be especially irritating if I don’t immediately realize that I moved the layer. Is there any way to have selecting and movement be separate commands?

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i don’t think there’s such feature.
the best i can think of is to hit lock on top of timeline and lock all layers, ctrl+click to select the layer and then unlock the layers again.

i checked if there’s an option to have a shortcut to lock all layers, but there seems to be only the shortcut to lock the current layer. although i guess that could be solved by a script.

perhaps additional option to just select the layer is worth the feature request.


It doesn’t work for me. Ctrl+click alone does nothing (or shows “Layer is hidden” if hidden layer is selected). Ctrl+drag moves layers indeed, but not necessarily the one with a pixel below the cursor (it seems to just move the selected layer).

It seems to be named “Move Tool: Auto Select Layer”. As others mentioned, it’s meant to move layers, not just select them.

yes, but bimshwel wanted to just select the layer and not be able to move it too.
also, ctrl with move tool just activates “auto select layer” temporarily. it should show in the upper bar with that option being checked. if it isn’t, check in edit → keyboard shortcuts → action modifiers if “move tool: auto select layer” has ctrl assigned to it.