[SOLVED] Theme Reseting on launch? (Ver 1.2.40, Steam)

For whatever reason, Aseprite just reverts back to the default theme whenever it launches. The main issue with this is that the baseline theme is too bright, and the lowered text size needed to make the other theme work makes the baseline theme extremely small. is there a way to fix this? Again, the version i’m on is the steam release, or 1.2.40 on the homepage.

Hi @Allaark,

Last time I saw an issue like this, a theme called Retrodragon had instructions for custom font installation. If the instructions weren’t followed, code at the top of the theme.xml file that set a fallback font would cause a quiet reset.

Newer versions of Aseprite than 1.2.40, in the beta branch, displayed an error message. This might give you a better indicator of the problem with the theme you’re using.

I would go back to the theme’s download website. If the site provided no troubleshooting instructions, then I’d contact the theme’s creator. Unless someone reports an issue, it’s hard for theme creators to know their theme may be obsolete due to Aseprite updates.

In general, there’s also an extension that lets you customize your theme with greater ease.


Thank you so much. turns out it was an issue with Retrodragon. i just switched themes, and what do you know, it actually saves between launches.