Steam Controller Configuration

I’m trying to figure out how to use a video game controller to manage some aspects of Aseprite. I can create controller configurations in Steam but as far as I can tell they don’t work.

If I edit the desktop configuration it works but I use the desktop configuration so I don’t want to remove my ability to use it just so I can make Aseprite work.

Has anyone played around with this or can anyone tell me why this isn’t working?

That’s kind of a weird thing to try, using controller for Aseprite.

Have you tried binding the functions you want via Autohotkey and running the script every time you launch Aseprite? You could even make a custom batch file that starts the script for you, launches Aseprite, applies the hotkeys only when Aseprite window is in focus, and ends the script when you exit the program. It’s tricky, but you could get it to work.

Sadly I’m not familiar with Steam controllers and such stuff, so I can’t help you there, I’d do it with Autohotkey.

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately using Autohotkey isn’t a helpful workaround.

Steam will let you create custom controller configurations for seeming any app opened through Steam.

I did some more research last night and it seems like Steam controller configurations don’t work for the same reason the Steam overlay doesn’t work. I don’t understand what that reason is, but it sounds like it’s something the developer would need to figure out.

I’m trying to use Aseprite on a tablet. I can map all of my commonly used hotkeys to a controller that I can keep in one hand while drawing with the other.

The reason is that a program has to use the Steam API for those things to work, and Aseprite, even when used through Steam, does not really use the Steam API (I think all it does with it is let Steam track time spent in the program). This is common for applications on Steam, as the other features are usually irrelevant or even distracting (for example, it would be a problem if the overlay was enabled in programs that allow using those same keys for shortcuts).

Having some way to enable Steam’s controller support would be a relatively easy way to make the program more accessible to users with nonstandard input devices though, which would be an accessibility win.

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I also have a TabletPC that I use to draw on, and when it’s in tablet mode (no keyboard for shortcuts), I use a wireless Numpad (yes those exist) along with Autohotkey to rebind stuff to its numeric buttons. It works reasonably well, once you get used to it. I don’t see why the same can’t be done with a controller, Autohotkey does support rebinding hotkeys to controller buttons.

P.S. Check this out, it’s an extension for Aseprite for touchscreen users. I haven’t used it, because I perfer my numpad workaround, but it could be useful for you.