Tablet pen issues

version 1.3-beta1-x64
Same issue, as described here + cannot drag a copy + pen doesnt want to interact with some of UI elements (switching tabs, tries to open new window; opened windows, like hue/saturation,preview)
Looks like problem with Windows Ink, switched to Wintab, kinda works

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I suggest you to check if you accidentally touching tablet with extra fingers when holding it. Those extra touches could be treated as modifiers in some APIs. This is only my suggestion.

hmm, well its not a display tablet, so i dont think its an issue :thinking:

Oh, you mean tablet like Intuos. Ok, I see. Just didn’t think about using it for pixel art.

Happening here too, it was working properly yesterday

There is a known issue with some wintab32 (at least a reproducible crash with some wintab implementations) where just opening a window will crash the program (and the issue is increased now that we open more windows in the program). The wintab option is disabled automatically if we detect this crash when a new window is opened, but you can give a try to:

  1. Changing to the Windows 8 pointer API
  2. Or restarting your PC
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I fixed mine, buddy
I was using the API when it stopped, then changed to wintab, everything worked and I changed back to the API after, still working so far

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