Unexpected behaviour using marquee tool in Aseprite v1.3 beta when using Windows Ink

Hi, this is using Aseprite v1.3-Beta1-x64

When selecting things using the marquee rectangular tool and then clicking on it to drag them, it just opens another selection rectangle.
Attached you can find a video with this behavior. This is a problem of aseprite not getting the focus right + using a drawing tablet. Let me explain it with the repro steps:
Please note that this is what I do in order to repro:

  • In a multimonitor setup, click (using the mouse) outside of Aseprite.
  • Return to aseprite but using the tablet.
  • Observe the issue.

In order to restore normal behavior, you have to move the physical mouse into aseprite and click inside the canvas.
This is a new behavior and didn’t happen in previous Aseprite versions. So far I’ve only been able to repro it using Windows Ink, and using Wintab seems to be working, but I haven’t use it that much yet.

Here is the video: 2021-05-29 21-45-45


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