Text Disappearing when placed

This happens to my text… all the time… what am i doing wrong? :smiley:

Welcome @Igor_Milosavljevic! That looks really strange, would you mind to share your .aseprite file with us at support@aseprite.org so we can try to reproduce the problem? (I wasn’t able to reproduce it here, but maybe there is something specific in the sprite).

Hey I noticed the same issue as well. I’m on v

I noticed it only happens when you have a second layer and when the frame is empty (no dot inside the cell in the timeline).

So here’s a way to consistently reproduce it from a new project:

  1. Create a new project (any size, it doesn’t matter)
  2. Create a new layer
  3. Create a new empty frame
  4. Select Frame 2 from Layer 2
  5. Press “T” to add text, type something, and press Enter
  6. You should see the text appear as normal, so far so good
  7. Now, click on another layer or frame.

Notice the text disappears.

But, if before Step 5 you draw something in the frame so that the cell has a little dot in it, then if you add the text it works fine.

So it only happens when you have a second layer, a second frame and you try to add text on an empty frame.

Hope that helps with debugging.

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A bit late to respond to this one so idk if it’s been solved yet. But it happens simply when a cel is empty, and you click the cel/frame/layer so it’s selected in the timeline, and then add the text.


I had this issue. I had to draw a dot or line on the new layer and THEN use the text tool, followed by erasing the original dot or line. Otherwise it says at 0% Opacity.

@MaryHamerMusic did you have this problem in Aseprite v1.2.16.3? because it should be fixed in that specific version (anyway it might be another unknown bug :thinking: )~

I correct myself, I think this is not fixed yet.

Now yes, this bug will be fixed in v1.2.17