Tiled in both axes mode bug on windows (1.2.13)

I think I founded a bug. When I draw a line (with enouth zoom) and with the tiled in the top half of the screen my line is no show in the upper part of the tile.

here is a video showing the bug live, for any question, fell free to ask :slight_smile:
Bug Tiled mode both axe asperite - YouTube

Edit, Video description:
00:00 - > 00:04 Firstly, I show than the square of the cursor can still be see, even in the uper part.
00:04 -> 00:08 The preview of the line only partialy work, but the line is correctly show once the clic is release.
00:10 -> 00:15 I move the center of the tile lower in the sreen to show it work if it is in the bottom part of the screen

00:20 -> end This is to show how much this bug is correlate with the position of the tile on the screen and than the line can be completly not previews if the tile is high.

Version 1.2.13 for windows, tiled in both axes activated

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