Timeline Layer Name Right Click Menu 1.3-beta8

Hi all,

I think this is relevant to the recent release, so I’m posting it here instead of on Github issues.

In 1.3-beta8-x64 on Windows 10, the context menu that should appear on right-click over a layer name in the timeline is a very small box:


The result is the same if you click on a frame header or on a specific cel.

This is the expected:


Version 1.2.31-x64 does not have this issue.

(I’m using a laptop with a trackpad. There is only one display. Switching to default theme, default font, playing around with screen and UI scaling does not resolve the issue.)


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Thanks @behreandtjeremy, I’ve just seem this issue reported on Twitter too. If you re-enable the multiple windows UI, it should be work as expected (Edit > Preferences > Experimental > UI with multiple windows)

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Oh, ok. Thank you. The menu dimensions are a bit larger than they need to be after I re-enable, but I can work with that.

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“a bit larger” is one way to put it


:eyes: Did you try restarting Aseprite? What Screen Scaling/UI Scaling options are you using?

This Aseprite was freshly started after being updated, with no changes to the settings.

The settings are 100% screen scaling, 200% UI scaling.

If I set it to 100% in both, then I get this, which is also wrong:

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:see_no_evil: I was able to reproduce it, I’m going to fix it too.