Turn off all other layers

Something helpful would be alt/option-clicking the hide-layer-icon to turn off all layers other than the one you are on, then alt-clicking again to turn them all back on. This would be nice for switching between guide-layers to easily see layer-skins with all the others turned off. You can also just hide all and then turn that one layer on, but that causes problems if you have multiple layers already hidden for a reason. Emissions for example.


I’d like to second this, it becomes more cumbersome in large files with lots of layers.

I create notes/guides layers while animating, to note spacing, placement, timing, etc. that I turn off when I’m done working on the section the guide applies to, but I want to keep around for when I do additional passes on that section later.

Right now, there’s an option to turn off all layers, but if I were to turn on the single layer, when I turn the rest back on, it doesn’t necessarily leave the note layers turned off.

For reference, Photoshop does have this behavior assigned to alt-clicking the visibility toggle.

This feature will be available in the first v1.3-beta1


This is available in v1.2.9

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