Vector Too Long: Empty File and Lost Work

Hello there,

I have encountered a bug that has caused a file to lose all of its image data, but maintain all of the layer names and frames, everything is just blank.

For more specifics: I am using the current steam version of Aseprite on Windows 10. I was exporting one version of an animation commission at the largest resolution to send to a client, when it started acting funny. Although it fully exported the file, everything was running extremely slowly, and when I opened the task manager, aseprite was using upwards of 6000 mb of memory. So I closed it, restarted my computer and then opened up the next version of the commission. When I went to export it, I was told there wasn’t enough memory to complete the task, and the program fell into “not responding” while I was trying to save it and close to try again. However, when I opened the file back up, I was greeted with “Vector too long” in a console dialogue box, and an empty file save for the first frame. Thankfully I do have a smaller exported version I can scale up using aseprite, but now the work is all gone if I need to make edits.

I was wondering if there was any way to recover the file.
(Just as a forewarning, the content of the commission is NSFW, in case I need to send it to someone to recover, which I saw in another thread My aseprite file is empty)

Let me know if there is any other information needed, and I will be happy to provide

Hi @PinkPossum, did you try recovering your file with the “Recover Files” option in the Home tab?

Hello there @dacap! Thank you for getting back to me on this, your help is much appreciated!

I did, but the version of the vile that has been corrupted didn’t appear in the recover files tab, unfortunately. The other version of the file is present in the “Previous sessions” section, but the only things that are present in the “Crashed sessions” section from that day are “RGB Sprite 0x0, 0 frames:” and neither can be opened or recovered.