Weird glitches with Discord and Aseprite

I’ve been using Asepire for about 2 - 3 years now, only now I decided to ask about a problem I’m having - when exporting a gif and sending it on Discord some of the times the gif would have glitches in it, for example - frames staying more on the screen while the other frame has been drawn, frames merging, colors switching to other colors on the canvas, sometimes a piece of a frame is cut and stays there until the end of my animation.

This is my Discord: Ameidox#8032 So I can share this with anyone that wants to see it.

Help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

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Does this only occur on Discord? I’ve noticed what may be the same problem, GIF previews in Discord are glitchy, but when the GIF is opened in full (i.e. in a web browser), it’s fine. If this is the problem you’re describing, it’s only to do with Discord’s GIF resampling when it creates the previews, and is not related to Aseprite.

Yeah, exactly. But this doesn’t happen to any other kind of gif. Only Aseprite ones.

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I have the same issue for a long time. It occurs only in Discord. I’m on macOS. Any other GIFs are fine, except Aseprite exported. Some frames leave trails.

Hi! do you got any solution? Same problem here.