When using the mousewheel in the colour slider, it stops at 56

Hi. I’m a happy Aseprite user, but ever since I updated to 1.2.8 (been using 1.1.8) I have this weird problem I just noticed. I must have changed something in the settings and didn’t see it until now.

When I use the HSV color slider and try to increase the color value by scrolling the mouse wheel up, it stops at 56 or maybe 57 sometimes. And when I try to mousewheel my way up the saturation bar, it stops at 26 or so. After that I have to click on the slider if I want my colour to be brighter, and if I click, on, say, 60, i can use the mousewheel normally again. This is really weird, and seems to be the case in only the HSV sliders and only in this version. This also could be something I created by selecting something in the settings.

Can I fix this somehow?

Hmm, I would not know how to fix this, but maybe @dacap knows?:smiley::+1:

This is a bug :sob: I’ll try to fix it for v1.2.9.

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This issue should be fixed in v1.2.9.