Wintab (direct paket processing) 1.3 beta 4

Hi, and here are the bug nominees
-When using a pen tablet with “Wintab (direct packet processing)” mode*, if you open up dynamics it won’t get closed (neither with clicking or shortcut) and brush draws as if it has an offset duplicate, this only happens with a stylus.
-I couldn’t figure out how this one happens but sometimes the right half of the toolbar and bottom part of the Aseprite window disappears, It doesn’t matter if you are in windowed mode or fullscreen. I’m using two screens one 1080p other 2560p with an “extended these displays” setting. I couldn’t make this one happen again maybe you already fixed it.
By the way, the new features are great, thank you for your hard work.

*It works better with my old bamboo or maybe it is just a placebo. Nevermind this bug if wintab is obsolete

Hi there @onanart! Actually the Wintab with direct packet processing is not tested as much as we would like. Do you know if your issue happen on v1.2.27? But I think it should happen in the stable version too.

I would recommend you to use the regular Wintab mode or the Win8 pointer API if you can. Anyway I’ve taken note about this on Github.

About the other bug, I think it might be related to this issue that was fixed in v1.3-beta3.

Hey, thank you for the quick reply. It’s not happening on v1.2.27 I don’t think it is just luck either I’ve 1500s hours on Aseprite with wintab setting never had this issue on other versions (Also downgraded and tried again not happening with v1.2.27).