Aseprite v1.2.10-beta3

Today we’ve released Aseprite v1.2.10-beta3 in the beta branch of Steam all channels. Changes:

  • Windows and macOS: Fixed issues with color profiles and multiple monitors (related to #1913)
  • macOS: Improved performance in general and specially when running on Retina display and color profiles with wide color, like Display P3
  • Windows: Fixed performance regression
  • Linux: Fixed bug duplicating mouse wheel events (#1921)
  • Now --ignore-empty --save-as can be used together in the CLI (#551)
  • New option to specify custom checked background grid size
  • Fixed a lot of bugs with the script API and added several new functions.
  • Fixed #1644, #1874, #1901, t/960, #1944 and t/1045.

Regressions in this version:

Next week we’ll release beta4 with a fix for this issue (and maybe it will be the Release Candidate for the final stable version if everything goes well).