Aseprite v1.2.11

Hi asepriters! Today we have good news and bad news:

The bad news is that the tilemap editor is not yet ready :sob: The good news is that we have a new version of Aseprite v1.2.10 v1.2.11 with some juicy stuff :tropical_drink:

With this version we finally make the Aseprite API for Lua scripts available in the stable branch.

How to update Aseprite?


I did not know about the tilemap editor.

I’m looking forward to trying it.


Nice, I never thought about the paint bucket modification, but it could be useful.

And I know developers just LOVE it when users respond to new releases by saying “what about x” but I feel the need to ask; this doesn’t happen to address the way the RGB to Index conversion picks the wrong colors in low resolution images does it? That’s the one I’ve really been waiting for.


However, I must say that the portable version almost immediately crashed after opening a PNG. Unfortunately I fully removed the previous beta version, so I have no working version of Aseprite.

I will try the installer version.

@Creat contact me at in case that you need a previous version, and also check if you can see a red flag in the 1.2.10 version? In that case send us the .dmp file too to the same email address.

@DudleyWaffles here were some fixes for the RGB to index conversion, but they need some review, soon in the 1.2.11

Thanks for the offer and your efforts. I had already gotten rid of the .dmp file.

In fact, in the end, what I did was clean out all traces of the software (e.g., in AppData, installation directory, etc.), do a general clean of the whole system, reput the program afresh and it works. (Sometimes, when using it, I still expected it to crash. Not a pleasant way to work, heh heh heh, as though it left a so-called bad taste in the mouth after having tasted it.)

Now that it works, it does indeed look great. Nice work.

i have v1.2.9 on zip file, how do i get 1.2.11? i don’t have a humble bundle account from where i installed it

Miggity_Moogity: maybe this will help: Aseprite - Faq

I see that the version number has changed to 1.2.11 and is changed from 1.210. Is there a difference between the two?

Yes, 1.2.11 fixes some regressions from 1.2.10. See towards the bottom of the first post in this thread.

Oof, I should have seen that. I think I need some rest. Thanks for your reply.

Thanks, David and your colleague. I will try it out soon.

I dont understand where to download the new update :confused:

Hi @leo7100, you can check this answer in the FAQ.

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Hi, is it possible to add latest example scripts under File -> Scripts -> Open Scripts Examples Folder in editor itself. And also add File -> Scripts -> Open Script Examples on GitHub ?

Wtf is that, i guess ill pass on the updates.

A link to the FAQ which has a comprehensive answer to your question. The method of updating depends on where you purchased Aseprite, and the answer includes links and information on how to get updated.

TL;DR: Go to wherever you bought Aseprite; the new version will be available to download there. If you bought it on Steam, it will update to the new version automatically.

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I love all of the new features but is it just me or does the line tool work differently? It feels off to me. I do love the outline shortcut though, I never realized how much I needed it.


Uau, I did not know that.
I simply download the new version and continue working as usual and I do not see new things because it is too time to investigate all the new functions in the threads attached to the main post of this topic.

I think a GIF explaining the new functions below each initial comment would be very good.

Uau, no sabía eso.
Simplemente descargo la nueva versión y sigo trabajando como siempre y no veo las cosas nuevas porque es demasiado tiempo investigar todas las funciones nuevas en los hilos adjuntos al post principal de este tema.

Creo que un GIF explicando las nuevas funciones debajo de cada comentario inicial sería muy bueno.