Aseprite v1.2.29 and v1.3-beta6

Today we’re releasing a new Aseprite v1.2.29 and v1.3-beta6 version :rocket: Including several critical bug fixes and some performance improvements. Now Aseprite v1.3 is available on all distribution channels (Humble Bundle, itch, Gumroad, etc.) :gift_heart:

Aseprite v1.2.29

  • Windows: Improve performance saving files (thanks to @Amarcolina)
  • Fixed crash changing Screen or UI Scaling #2830
  • Fixed crash pressing ESC when moving selection edges #2840
  • Fixed preview for effect dialogs which don’t include pixels at the bottom or right edge #2216
  • Fixed crash trying to save a color palette into a .jpg file #2654
  • Fixed centering the “open sequence as animation” dialog when the first file are specified from the CLI #2899
  • CLI: Added {duration} field to the --filename-format for sprite sheets (thanks to @jestarray)

Aseprite v1.3-beta6

  • Fixed tooltips being clipped by popup edges #2764
  • Fixed moving Preview window with stylus/pen #2882 #2783
  • Fixed last row of pixels in sprite editor which isn’t updated after changing frames #2803
  • Save/restore file selector position #2756
  • Fixed crash switching from a tilemap to a regular layer in tile mode & the preview window opened #2854
  • Revert zoom tool behavior when dragging mouse in diagonal #2767 Steam post

Remember to check the Aseprite v1.3 announcement just in case you missed it.


Nice! Just got a Feren OS and wanted to install Aseprite to close the day…
A very happy surprise the 1.3beta on itch-io were, truly!
A tiny idea: Maybe the beta could get an another icon, and a name…
(like Aseprite- [something] )!?

Anyway, time is going late. Good Night! :waffle: :tangerine:


It’s not a bad idea, we’ll think about that :relaxed:

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Question - is it possible to flip tiles in a tileset? Like, use the same tile mirrored horizontally or vertically?

Not yet, but there are plans to add flip and 90° rotation in a near future.

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I’ve tried installing v1.2.29 but it only works when I launch it as administrator. Could this be due to improper installation? I’ve tried uninstalling and installing Aseprite twice already and it hasn’t helped.

I use humblebundle, is it enough if I install a new version with its installer or are there other required steps?

Hi @birchtree, the installer should work just fine. When you say that it doesn’t work with a regular user account, what does it means? do you see some error message?

Hey how do I update Aseprite for free. I have my copy downloaded on my PC, and I would like to update it with no trouble.

how can i download this new update

@Shaelyn_Green, Jemal_J_Mckalsky:
hi guys,
how to update aseprite: Aseprite - Faq
how to get beta: Get Aseprite beta version

Tengo un problema no he podido actualizar mi ASEPRITE por el problema que mi correo que tenia anexado a esa licencia me la hackearon, y me toco un huevo completo cambiar ese correo que me hackearon porque tambien era mi llave para otras paginas de produccion, AFFINITY, ARTURIA, ABLETON LIVE, NATIVE INSTRUMENTS, ADOBE PARA ENTRAR A BEHANCE, PAYPAL, entre otras y solo me quedo este programa y el otro y cuando quiero entrar para iniciar sesion para cambiar ya no puedo entrar, y no se como hacer, me he quedado con la versión v1.2.21 mi correo que me hackeron fue, no se si algun dueño de tan excelente programa me puede ayudar en este desmadre que me paso… Saludos cordiales!!!

Hi - I have Aseprite v1.2.28. Can I upgrade for free or do I have to pay for the upgrade?

Thank you!

If you’re previously purchased Aseprite, you get 1.x upgrades for free. If you compiled it yourself, you’ll have to compile each upgrade yourself as well.
If you’re asking about the beta: the beta is only available to those who have Aseprite on Steam (I believe you get a key with all purchases), you can opt into the beta branch in the game’s properties in the Steam client.

*beta is available on all channels ;]


Eishiya - thank you for posting. So I think you are saying that I should be able to upgrade for as long as the version is 1.x. My issue is, how does one download the latest version (on the Aseprite website there is only a buy option)?

To change the topic - are there any good sources of information on the best methods to shrink images using Aseprite? I often shrink images, but have to spend time recolouring pixels. For example, which algorithm should one use and does it matter if one shrinks in one go or should it be done by using a scale factor of one-half?

Thank you!

You don’t upgrade through the website, but through whatever method you used to buy Aseprite. The widget on the website is Humble Bundle, so if you used that, look in your Humble Bundle library. If you used, Steam, or Gumroad (the other options), then you’d get the new version through those.

As for resizing images, with the goal of making pixel art, Nearest Neighbor or Rotsprite are what you want. Both preserve colours and do not blur your art. However, both will mess up detail. With very small art, there’s really no way around having to do some manual work if you want the results to look right.
Shrinking in one go is usually best, it gives the algorithm the most data to work with. It’s scaling up that can sometimes be improved by doing it in parts, but even that isn’t relevant for pixel art.

eishiya - thank you for replying again. I found your response very helpful and knowledgeable.

Personally, I believe I have observed that Rotsprite is the better of the 3 algorithms.