Aseprite v1.3-rc5 / rc6

Hello everyone! :raised_hands: Today we’ve released Aseprite v1.3-rc5. It includes a lot of bug fixes and some new features for tilemaps that will be handy for everyone:

Aseprite v1.3-rc5

  • Added a list of Tilesets in the Sprite Properties dialog, where you can duplicate and delete tilesets #3875
  • Added possibility to change the tileset associated to a tilemap layer
  • Added Shift+F7 to hide other layers on Preview window (useful to see the active layer only)
  • Support math expressions in color text entries #3900 (thanks to @Akylzhan)
  • Changing properties of multiple cels now doesn’t overwrite fields that weren’t set #3886
  • Right-click a tileset mode button to set it as the default/initial mode t/19487
  • Delete unused tilesets after deleting tilemaps #3876
  • Fixed several bugs when changing UI Scaling without restarting #3843 #3942
  • Fixed bug where current playback direction on ping-pong tags were lost after scrolling #3903 t/18963
  • Fixed error decoding pico-8 GIFs #3922
  • Fixed exporting selection/slices to gif/fli/webp files #3827
  • Fixed selected image is modified by moving the pivot point in certain positions #3901
  • Fixed changing brush size w/drag value when multiple editors are opened #3884
  • Linux: New support for experimental native file selector using zenity command line #1953 #2354, must be enabled explicitly from Edit > Preferences > Experimental > Use native file dialog as it has some issues #3974
  • Fixes several crashes #3906, #3913, #3914
  • Lua API changes:
    • New app.window to access main window properties and resize events (thanks to @lampysprites)
    • Added native API json.decode/json.encode to parse JSON text #3233

Aseprite v1.3-rc6

  • Fixed regression with initial folder on Aseprite file selector #3979
  • Fixed regression where the rectangular marquee is rotated when we are pressing Alt+Shift to subtract the selection #3976
  • Fixed Magic Wand refers to visible layers even when the active layer is hidden #3939
  • More fixes for the pixel-art Cyrillic script Unicode chars #3797 #3975

Very welcome change to be able to delete tilesets now. Thank you

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That’s great but I have the Steam version and it is still the 1.2.40 version. What is going on?

Hi @J0C3! Check the beta version, here some instructions.