Is there an option to reuse frame?

Is there an option to reuse existing frames in animation? If not, is it planed and when we can expect one? I need sprite sheet without repeating frames for my game. Right now export option is good only for pure animation exports, not for sprite sheets for games.

Hi @podpathos, you can use linked cels in a continuous layers.

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Many thanks for the prompt reply! I didn’t realise that you can use linked cells that way. Thank you again!

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@dacap I have one more question. Is there any chance that some future version of Aseprite would support option for moving same sprite/cel in different frames - same sprite different x,y position in different frames of animation (like in Photoshop), and option to mirror same sprite in another frame of animation. Maybe i’m asking for too much, but it would be perfect tool for animating all of animations in one place and then just export them for use in game engine. As it is Aseprite is almost perfect :slight_smile: Thanks and keep up a good work!

Same pixels, different position thread.


Is there a way to link cells which are not beside each other? Like if I want a four frame sequence on one layer to loop for a prolonged period?

Bimshwel, you can. Simply change the layer to continuous, copy that frame and paste it in a different frame. It will link across other, discontinuous frames. Set the layer back to discontinuous if you don’t want to do this to other frames.


Ohhhhhh, beets. I have done that loads of times, without having wanted to, or knowing how to do it on purpose, and wondering why the frame i had copied from stayed highlit afterward. Thank you! I had become accustomed to copying with nothing selected and copying with EVERYthing selected having the same effect, but in aseprite that is different.

Yeah, it’s pretty handy. One thing I can’t figure out how to do is to paste a continuous frame to MULTIPLE frames all at once. I have to paste one at a time. Not sure if I am doing something wrong or not.