Loop Counter Needed

I’m making pixel animations, but whenever I makes massive layers and massive frames, then Aseprite takes longer and longer times to save, load and process something.

Can we have loop sequence with counter? That would be great for everyone!

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What do you mean by “loop sequence with counter”? Do you mean a way to make tags loop a certain number of times? Tags currently have no looping information at all currently, so even just adding the ability to mark certain tags as loops or not would be a step up. That has already been suggested in another thread, but specifying a number of loops has not, I think.

Sorry for making some misunderstood.
That’s exactly what I thought. Loop range for certain times. I’m using several tags very well, but [loop A 4 times then loop B 3 times] kind of thing is what I wanted. For now, that requires length of 7 loop is the only way.
Thank you for reply!

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Hi @Cajun_Spicy, yes, this feature was requested several times before, we’ll see if we can add it soon:

And other more complex approaches: