Option to make the cursor brush preview smaller

Using v1.2.19.2

With the addition of dynamics the previous version was perfect to me, but with the change to the brush size showing the maximum pressure instead of the minimum it’s now a lot harder to see my work since the cursor is so big!

Even though you can turn off the brush preview altogether I think it’d be nice to have the option to make the preview show the minimum pressure size instead since the preview is so useful

I really love aseprite, thanks!

This has already been suggested, you can view the discussion here, it goes into some interesting points.

In the mean time while this is hopefully worked on, consider using the Brush Edges option, so you can still see the (large size) preview without it blocking your work.

ah whoops totally missed that one, thanks for pointing me to it!

This fix is available in today’s release :partying_face:

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Yes!! You rule

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When the min size is larger than the max size, the preview still blocks the artwork D:

…but I also don’t use that often so I’m just happy the usual situation works well now.