Scripts for a starter that don't have any scripts yet :c

Hi, I just don’t have any scripts, and I would like to see what’s the most useful scripts that you use.

Idk if it’s too much to ask but I’ll really appreciate it

-dies ignored-

There’s a big thread of scripts that do all sorts of things here:

The only script I currently use is one that makes a new frame that includes linked cels but not unlinked cels. Don’t really have anything else I need automated at the moment. I am considering downloading the NxPA Studio collection for its scaling options though.

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What’s that that make a new frame with linked cels?

I posted the linked cels-only New Frame script here:

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I don’t know anything, how can I download or put this? :c

Copy the script into a text file with a .lua extension, e.g. New Continuous-only Frame.lua, and put it in your scripts directory. To find the scripts directory, go to File > Scripts > Open Scripts Folder. Once you’ve put the script into that directory, restart Aseprite, and it’ll show up in the Scripts menu.

I made that but it appears an error “No active document to execute” what did go wrong? :c

Do you have a document open? It can’t create a new frame if there isn’t a document to create a new frame in.

Yep, I create a project, and run the script but it keeps making empty frame

Do you have any layers set to continuous? It only preserves frames in layers set to continuous, that’s the point of the script.

How do I know if the script is executing? I click and try but don’t let me use it right, idk

Or wait, can you just send me the script file(?)