[Solved]Cant find the shading extension

Hello, week ago i was using an extension (don’t remember where i got it from or what its called) i used to access it from Sprite → Generate shading (something like that).
i give it 1 color, and it auto generate the shading for me, i also remember that it have 3 bars below the given colors, Hue, and another 2 bars, increasing or decreasing any of it will change the generated colors, i also remember that it have a button (default) to reset the bars values back to default.

Anyone know what that extension is called, and where can i get it from ?
(most of the extensions i found for shading is not the same), i want the exact extension i mentioned (access from Sprite, not from scripts)

The extension used to look like this:

if anyone know or have that extension, please share it :slight_smile:

hi, is it this one?

if not, there’s an icon for searching forum in the top right corner, or check the Aseprite Scripts Collection.

It is close to that one, but the one i am looking for, have light,sat,hue bars that you can increase/decrease. i searched the forum and google and everywhere, but couldnt find it <.>

i see. well, in that case i don’t know :expressionless:
maybe try looking in your history and downloads. also try to ask on discord, there’s more people there, so someone else might know.

Maybe this one?

No, that one is very big, but it has the same value bars as the one i am looking for.
The one i am searching is much simpler and have a small window that generate just 7 colors from the color you give it, for example i used to give it the yellow color (top one), and it auto give me the orange shading color for it (bottom one) and other colors, i tried all the tools out there to give me the same result, but none of them was able to give me the same color, even after playing with the hue and other bars

I made this picture to show how the extension looked a like:

Thank you everyone for the help :heart:
Someone on discord had it and gave me the name of it ! :smiley:
the extension name was: Aseprite companion on itch <3

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