Aseprite v1.2.10-beta2


New Aseprite v1.2.10-beta2 available today in all channels:

Aseprite v1.2.10-beta1 Sep 18 2018

  • Added new File > Scripts menu to create .lua scripts. Check out the API documentation
  • Linux/X11:
    • Added support for native cursors
    • Fix rendering issues moving windows inside the program (#1006)
    • New backend to fix several issues on Linux (mainly performance improvement)
  • Timeline now scrolls when we drag frames or cels (#1780)
  • Added support for a lot of layers (more than 32767) (t/1762)
  • New palettes: BubbleGum16 by PineTreePizza,
    Zughy-32 by Marco “Zughy” Amato,
    and AAP-RadiantXV by Adigun Polack.
  • Added a New Layer Below with Shift+Space+N keyboard shortcut (#1822)
  • Added option to hide the tooltip that appears when we Undo/Redo an action (#1827)
  • Added Shift modifier on Sprite > Canvas to change the same size on both sides (#1826)
  • Added possibility to flatten visible or selected layers (#1226)
  • macOS: Fixed loading fonts from user home ~/Library/Fonts directory
  • Fixed single click on selection with Add & Subtract modes (#1811)
  • Fixed color palette scroll when we drag-and-drop colors (#1796)
  • Fixed a couple of critical bugs/crashes

Aseprite v1.2.10-beta2 Oct 30 2018

Export color loss
Color display wrong on Mac
Colors displaying differently

Thanks for the updates!

Could we please get the Nature’s Embrace 55 color palette added as well?