Touch Toolbar helper


The next version of Aseprite v1.2.10-beta2 will contain scripting capabilities to show dialogs. This is a little example:


You can download this little script (Touch Toolbar.lua) and copy it in the scripting folder:

local dlg = Dialog("Touch Toolbar")
  :button{text="Undo",onclick=function() app.command.Undo() end}
  :button{text="Redo",onclick=function() app.command.Redo() end}
  :button{text="|<",onclick=function() app.command.GotoFirstFrame() end}
  :button{text="<",onclick=function() app.command.GotoPreviousFrame() end}
  :button{text=">",onclick=function() app.command.GotoNextFrame() end}
  :button{text=">|",onclick=function() app.command.GotoLastFrame() end}
  :button{text="+",onclick=function() app.command.NewFrame() end}

Then restart Aseprite and you will be able to open your toolbar from File > Scripts > Touch Toolbar:


Aseprite v1.2.10-beta2
Aseprite Script Examples

I have to copy this code and paste in a wordpad?


Yes, and rename the *.txt extension of the text file in *.lua. And put it in the script folder (you can access it via File/Scripts/Open Scripts Folder).


Thank you :slight_smile: