Deselect layer - How?

deselect layer

Hi, I accidentally selected a layer and now I don’t know how to deselect it.
How do you deselect a layer?

Hola, accidentalmente seleccioné (no sé cómo) una capa y ahora no sé cómo se deselecciona.
¿Cómo se deselecciona una capa?

Press Escape.


Hi @SynthED, when you say “select a layer” do you mean that you just click it or copy it with Ctrl+C? As @KashouC said you can use the Escape key to deselect the layer, anyway I would like to know why you needed to do this.

For example, I saw that the Escape key trick sometimes is needed if we don’t want to move all the cels of the layer and we click it by mistake (something that can be avoided unchecking the Edit > Preferences > Selection > Transform cels in selected layers or frames on timeline option too).

I was just curious to know if something is not working as expected.

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Hello, my problem is that sometimes I click on a frame to make sure I am in that frame.
Then I want to copy the entire graphic of the frame and I do CTRL + C, so the frame is selected (as seen in the image), so that puzzles me, what does it mean to select the frame or the layer?
Why if I select the entire graph and copy it then the frame does not appear as selected (as seen in the image)?
What is the difference between selecting the frame (as in the image) and selecting only the entire graphic in the frame (then the frame is not selected as in the image)?

So, since I don’t know what it means to select the frame (as in the image) or the layer, then I need to deselect by pressing ESC, to make sure that I only copy the graphic of the frame, the canvas we go, not the frame (as in the image) .


Hola, mi problema es que a veces hago click en un marco para asegurarme de que estoy en ese marco.
Despues quiero copiar el grafico entero del marco y hago CTRL + C, entonces el marco queda seleccionado (como se ve en la imagen), entonces eso me desconcierta ¿qué significa seleccionar el marco o la capa?.
¿Por qué si selecciono el grafico entero y lo copio entonces el marco no aparece como seleccionado (como se ve en la imagen)?.
¿Qué diferencia hay entre seleccionar el marco (como en la imagen) y el seleccionar sólo el gráfico entero que hay en el marco (entonces el marco no queda seleccionado como en la imagen)?.

Entonces, como no sé qué significa seleccionar el marco (como en la imagen) o la capa, pues necesito deseleccionar pulsando ESC, para asegurarme de que sólo copio el gráfico del marco, el canvas vamos, no el marco (como en la imagen).

No sé si se me entendió.


I know this is an old topic, but I was just bit by this and spent a good 1/2 hour trying to figure it out. What puzzles me is by select->deselect (cmd+d) doesn’t work? I would think deselecting should deselect no matter the source. Is there a case where I want to deselect a selection within a cel and not select the frame/layer, etc?