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Hi @hohlinger, you are referring to the export script from GitHub - Viza74/c64helperscriptsforaseprite: C64 helpers scripts for aseprite , aren’t you?

I fear that don’t know what could cause the problem (maybe you are using a different version of Aseprite for that script that the one it was written for?), but you probably should report the bug in the repository issues so the original author can know it exists (and maybe fix it): Issues · Viza74/c64helperscriptsforaseprite · GitHub

Hi JJHaggar.

Thank you very much for your help. I will post it in the repository issues and hope for an answer.

Thanks again and best regards

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hello everyone, do any of you know (or are any of you bored enough to write) a script which would dither the image based on:

  1. currently active palette
  2. custom dither pattern (ideally in format aseprite uses for dither with gradient tool)?

why: while it is not hard to create dithering manually with gradient tool and custom brushes, editing image already full of dithering can be pretty painful and time consuming. with dithering script user could simply use opacity and add dithering only in last step before export.

Two new scripts added to the first post :smiley:

@Olga_Galvanova That seems a really difficult task I fear ^^U If somebody makes a script for Aseprite I’d be delighted, but meanwhile you can use Photoshop or Pixatool for that :slight_smile:

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hey, thanks for the tips! another great method for dithering pictures with custom patterns is dan fessler’s index painting - if you make your gradient map to match your palette and posterizing steps. that method works even in after effects.

however, i just found out that the script isn’t actually necessary :open_mouth:
you can select installed dither patterns when converting to indexed (sprite -> color mode -> more options)
patterns seem to be duplicated (ordered dithering + name, old dithering + name (for some reason this seems to get better results)) but they work.
i can’t believe i didn’t notice it sooner.


Hi, I wrote a little extension that reduces the bit-depth of the palette. This can be useful when designing sprites for retro-hardware.


Made a script for importing existing tags from the exported JSON. Useful so you don’t have to re-tag every animation for similar sprites:


Is this malware free?

Hi @sandor and @jest! :smiley: Thanks a lot for sharing your scripts! I have just added them to the first post! :smiley:

Yes, this malware is 100% free.

Sorry XD Jokes aside, the scripts are plain text and most of them are on github ( commonly used to host open-source projects), so you can literally read what the scripts do :wink:

hello guys…I am really having trouble selecting the right colors, especially for 32 bit, choosing the right color is a big deal. So how about adding an option or tool which would make color picking that much easier?

For example, I will pick 2 colors (black, white) then the system/tool will suggest the best “in-between” color(gray) to make the in between color harmonize or mix well with the other 2 colors.

@AseAseAse If I have understand you correctly, there is already a script for that, “Hue Generator” :slight_smile:

I don’t want to be harsh or anything, but you should probably search in the script list before requesting new script functionalities ^_^U

wow, love this script! Thank you for making and sharing!

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it does not work :frowning: Annotation 2020-08-18 164935

@AseAseAse I have just tried that script and it works perfectly. Are you using the last version of Aseprite? Have you downloaded the correct file?

When downloading scripts from github repositories you must right click on “raw” button and then choose “save as” to get the correct file, if not you could be saving an “html” file instead of the “lua” file that you need.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

I will try, I’m new in aseprite, thanks!

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No problem! And welcome to Aseprite community! ^_^/

I made a tool for animate an image (multi-layer allowed) according a desired path, gif mini tutorial included, enjoy!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Github repository: here
This tank was done with ‘path_animator.lua’ (caterpillar pads, tank vibration, tree shadow) and ‘rotar.lua’ (the wheels):
The most very basic tutorial of this tool:
You can report issues on


oh, wow, this is very impressive! thanks for sharing.

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Oh wow this is great. Good work.

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Merge All Tabs

It will just combine all your open tabs into 1 spritesheet.
Someone please tell me if there’s a built in way to do this…